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New Year’s Weight Loss

As the New Year begins, everyone is working on their New Year’s resolutions. One of the most common resolutions is weight loss; well let’s not forget to add our overweight pets into that plan. As reward-based training becomes more popular, so does pet obesity. This is a serious issue and obesity is a leading contributor to diabetes in pets.  Overeating, a predisposition for obesity, lack of exercise and eating the wrong types of food are the most likely causes of your pet’s weight gain.  Overweight pets may be suffering physically as a result of carrying the extra weight, and obese pets, like obese humans, do not live as long as their more active and weight appropriate counterparts. Obesity in pets is a condition over which the owner has significant control.

How Can I Help My Dog Lose Weight?

Although some dogs are prone to overeating, there are still steps you can take to minimize the weight gain. Feed your pet less food (try 3 small meals per day instead of one large one) and increase your pet’s physical exercise.  Try taking them for more walks whether they be longer walks or more short walks throughout the day.

Call us today for more weight loss techniques and to discuss your pet’s nutritional health needs.  We will partner with you to design a program to help your pet lose weight!

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